Wind River Training

WRL takes training your dog seriously. The health and well being of your dog is of utmost importance. We feed a quality food, dogs get plenty of down town interspersed with training. Each dog is typically worked at least 3 times a day for 5 days a week, then 2 times a day 1 day a week. Everyone gets one day off per week to recover both mentally and physically. We work very hard to maintain a good mental and physical balance for the dog you have entrusted to our care.

Our preference is to receive your young dog between the ages of 5 months and 9 months of age. We will take in older dogs, but it can slow the progression down a bit in the early months since it can take longer to break unwanted bad habits. Current vaccination status is required.

Training Rates are as Follows:

Beginner Gun Dog
4 month program. $1000 a month. Deposit $500 non refundable to book training, $1000 due at drop off. Balance of $2500 billed over the remaining 3 months.. If you need to adjust the incoming date, we can do that. However, dogs that have their incoming date readjusted more then twice will forfeit their deposit. Please keep in mind, we ONLY take in 6 training dogs at a time. We do that to guarantee adequate time to adjust to the needs and personality of your dog. So continually cancelling and rescheduling takes away from our time with other dogs.

  • Obedience, collar conditioning
  • Force Fetch
  • Introduction to Gun
  • Introduction to decoys, holding blinds and other items found in a day in the field
  • Retrieving with birds over land and in water
  • Introduction to steadiness

Intermediate Gun Dog
This is only available to dogs that have completed the Basic Gun Dog training with WRL or another reputable trainer.
4 month program, $1000 a month plus bird costs (around $100 per month depending on any upland training needed). There is a $500 booking fee with $1000 due upon drop off. Balance of $2500 will be billed over the remaining 3 months. Dogs coming in for Intermediate Gun Dog Training will be evaluated and advanced as the dog is ready to work on material. We move as quickly as we can, but keep in mind, all dogs’ learning rates are not equal. If your dog has had training elsewhere, we will evaluate them and then give an update of where we are starting with them or what needs refreshing before we can move forward. Email for more info on this.

  • Continuing steadiness
  • Handling concepts, T pattern, pattern/sight blinds, cold blinds (we advance as quickly as possible, however we can only move as fast as the dog comprehends the material)
  • Honoring
  • Multiple marks
  • Continuing obedience
  • Upland work (if desired)
  • Mutt hut, boat work (if desired)

Tune Up Training
This is only available for dogs that have completed either Basic or Intermediate Gun Dog Programs.
This is a 2 month program at $1000 a month plus birds. A $500 deposit due at time of booking, balance of $1500 due at drop off. Bird fees will be paid before pick up of your dog after the 2 month program. Typically a July/Aug or Aug/Sept time frame depending on your hunting preference. Please keep in mind that Tune Up training spots go quickly.

Cadillac Gun Dog Training
This is only available for dogs that have completed both Basic and Intermediate Gun Dog Training. 6 month program. $1200 a month. This program is a refinement of the learned concepts in the above programs and is specifically geared for those dogs that want to compete in upper level events.

Competitive Add-Ons
This is for dogs in the above programs where the owner wishes for them to be handled in competition to earn titles. Unfortunately, since costs like birds, hotels and fuel have increased, I will now have to charge handling fees.

  • Junior/Senior Handling fees $75 for local events (I commute from home) $125 for out of town events
  • Master Handling fees are $125 for local events and $150 for out of town events
  • Events in other states may incur an additional charge of up to $50 to cover additional costs of fuel (its an event by event basis, you will know before hand so you can plan accordingly)

Boarding Rates

  • Non Gun Dog Client $45 a day. $5 a day discount for multiple dog stay
  • Gun Dog clients $45 a day. $5 a day discount for multiple dog stay. After 21 days, will be converted to $1200 a month plus birds per dog

Thank you for considering WRL for your training needs. For more information on training, please call 360-606-8892 or fill out the form below.